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  1. Ryan David Koziel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    - January, 2011
    Designer, strategist, provocateur, philosopher and purveyor of good food, great scotch and fantastic company...
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/ryankoziel - catched - Similar
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  3. Ebates iOS7 - Leading cash back site foray into mobile needed an iOS7 updates.

    - February, 2011
    Leading online cash back site, had already designed and released a iOS app but when apple introduced iOS7 the app looked tired and out of date. My responsibility was to get it up to iOS 7 look and feel....
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/ebates-mobile-ios7 - catched - Similar
  4. B.Whimsy - a drink making app that serves the best crafted cocktails created by the best bartenders.

    - February, 2011
    There are lot of bar books and lots of bar apps, but none help you find the perfect cocktail at the perfect time. B.Whimsy was created to bring normal people the ability to feel like a real bartender...
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/b-whimsy - catched - Similar
  5. rantaculo.us - Finally a place to say anything you want to say, without consequence.

    - February, 2011
    I've always wondered why nobody has created a sounding board for people to anonymously vent and rant. Rantaculo.us is that sounding board....
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/rantaculo-us - catched - Similar
  6. Zoosk Android App - Becoming a leader of Google play store for dating.

    - February, 2011
    Prior to my promotion to lead product designer, the Zoosk android app was a copy of the iOS app. One of my first task was to establish design patterns that looked and behaved more in line with android without compromising the brand look and feel....
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/zoosk-android-app - catched - Similar
  7. Words & Whiskey - Gentlemen Literary Association

    - February, 2011
    Getting men to read books, and drink whiskey...Like men should be doing....
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/words-whiskey - catched - Similar
  8. Scoville Tequila ¡El Scorcho Amigo!

    - February, 2011
    Branding and Packaging for a unique Habanero infused Tequila. With Many more Pepper infused products to come....
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/scoville-tequila - catched - Similar
  9. ONE Industries v2 - Taking the brand even further

    - February, 2011
    We gave them the holeshot 3 years ago, in April of 2012 we hope to give them the lead with a new innovative website....
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/oneindustries-v2 - catched - Similar
  10. Abriza - Product design for the Abriza home product

    - February, 2011
    Abriza is a product to help homeowners maintain their homes. The product tracks needed maintenance and connects users to contractors to help them keep their home up-to-date....
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/abriza - catched - Similar
  11. SUPco - What SUP... A full Ecommerce site using megento and Wordpress

    - February, 2011
    If you can stand, you can paddleboard, which is probably one of the reasons it's one of the fastest growing sports in the world. And that growth is why one of the up-and-coming brands of the sport needed a snazzy new website. ...
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/supco - catched - Similar
  12. Maxfield - Hard designing for one of Los Angeles most inspiring fashion boutiques.

    - February, 2011
    Javascript scrolling, parallaxing backgrounds, image rotators, a Wordpress framework... I thought fashion was suppose to be easy....
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/maxfield - catched - Similar
  13. Beyond Trust v2 - round two; better graphics, streamlined design, less linear and predictive layouts.

    - February, 2011
    So much for the sophomore slump – for Beyond Trust's second website design, I took the learnings gained from the first design, then applied faster, lighter graphics....
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/beyond-trust-v2 - catched - Similar
  14. WarehouseSale - It's still under development but i'll let you have a peek.

    - February, 2011
    Actionsport meets the GILT group model. Timed sales never looked so fresh....
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/warehousesale - catched - Similar
  15. Zinc - Refreshing New Look for a Successful Interactive Agency

    - February, 2011
    Fresh looks for a fresh start, rebranding from the ground up, starting with logo and Language....
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/zinc - catched - Similar
  16. The Jay at Maverick's - If the Greeks gods surfed then Maverick's would be there surf spot.

    - February, 2011
    Sharks, ice cold water, waves the size of freight trains, sounds like a nightmare, unless your a big wave surfer with an affinity for death defying surfing....
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/the-jay-at-mavericks - catched - Similar
  17. Oculu - Branding, Trademark Creation, GUI Design, Web Design

    - February, 2011
    Oculu is a 16th century architectural reference. It’s also a brand that created a product YouTube and Vimeo would be jealous of. Wanna see how I incorporated both of those into an awesome site, logo, and Brand? ...
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/oculu - catched - Similar
  18. Progenex - Trademark, Product Packaging, Webdesign, Art Direction

    - February, 2011
    No amount of sets and reps could help this protein supplement brand get as big as they wanted to be. That sort of achievement would take the skill, determination and foresight of yours truly...
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/progenex - catched - Similar
  19. SwimSpot - Million Dollar Concept (Bikini Builder)

    - February, 2011
    Yeah, I Photoshopped some models naked. But it was all for the greater good of this swimwear company’s new site. Honest...
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/swimspot - catched - Similar
  20. BeyondTrust -Web 2.0 craziness

    - February, 2011
    Raise your hands if you’re secure. Then lower them back to your keyboard to see the site I did for this brand that makes products that make computers and servers more secure...
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/beyondtrust - catched - Similar
  21. HireRight Express - If only all Corporate sites could look so nice

    - February, 2011
    Ever been busted by a background check? These guys were the first to do it online. And I did their latest site...
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/hireright-express - catched - Similar
  22. SixSixOne - Motocross, Mountain Bike, and BMX - Oh my!

    - February, 2011
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/sixsixone - catched - Similar
  23. Product Center - Organizing the madness of a huge organization.

    - February, 2011
    Giving a home to a hundred little orphans (products, not kids)...
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/product-center - catched - Similar
  24. Plan Your Move - Get a move on!

    - February, 2011
    Making moving easier was not my task helping people learn about a site that makes moving easier was...
    http://www.ryandavidkoziel.com/work/plan-your-move - catched - Similar

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