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Ryan Koziel

Koziel in San Francisco, September 13, 2012
Born Ryan "Mr.Rad" Koziel
Ridgecrest, California, U.S.
Years active Since 1996
Wife Noel Koziel (2012-present)

Ryan David Koziel is an American Graphic Designer, Creative Director and Visual Artist. Known for his top level design and clear thinking, he has developed his own unique style – dubbed “Kozielian” and characterized by an uncharacterized amount of awesomeness and meticulousness. Indeed, this awesomness has caused some controversy with less awesome designers, but typically mystifies and intrigues peers and audiences alike.

Growing up in the small California town of Ridgecrest[1] in a middle class family, Koziel was not surrounded by designers or artists. Koziel’s mother—an apple specialist in the early days of Apple Computers—provided a young Ryan with not only the computer but the software to begin experimenting with design at an early age.

Koziel went on to study graphic design at California State University, Fresno, mainly because, at the time, the head of the department was an Art Center of Pasadena alumni. Koziel excelled through the graphic design program as the prized pupil, winning several awards and receiving many job offers before ever finishing school.

After leaving school, Koziel went on to design in several different markets before eventually settling in his current residence in Huntington Beach, California. Never one to be locked into any one medium, he’s worked in interactive design—designing for many of his band friends—and later moved into logos and trademarks, where he found his typography skills shined. He’s since incorporated print work into his repertoire, as well as strategy, direction, and instruction.


[edit] Life and career

[edit] Childhood

Koziel was born in Ridgecrest, California. His father, was a Probability and Statistics Engineer working for the U.S. Department of Defense, and his mother, was a computer specialist also working for the U.S. Department of Defense. Koziel was raised Agnostic. Due to his mothers’s job, the Koziel family always had the latest Apple computers and requisite software at home, and even the Internet, well before most households.

Poster of UDT Mixed Vibes Fall Dance. Created in 2003.

Along with schooling, Koziel’s parents encouraged him to draw, to be creative and to build as often as he could. It was often to the chagrin of his teachers that Koziel would doodle in class, often times copying logos off of pencils and pads of paper. He was also typically among the best at handwriting, which quickly became a business opportunity for him, as he could copy most people signatures. He found himself rich with candy wealth—a popular currency among children—because of his ability to forge signatures on the deficiency notices of his peers.

[edit] Education

Koziel’s interest in art lead him to major in Graphic Design, but not before considering majoring in Automotive Design and attending the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. It was only after meeting with counselors there who said his current designs were not what they were looking for—and realizing the cost to attend was far outside his means—that Koziel decided to attend California State University, Fresno. But, before attending state college, it was Koziel’s stint at Cerro Coso Community College—the local college in Ridgecrest—where he got his start as a paid designer. Through word-of-mouth referrals, he began doing websites for local business, in addition to working on design projects for the college itself.

Once attending California State University, Fresno, Koziel began doing larger and larger freelance projects, including designing large scale models and a full website for the Science Department. He also did posters and designs for the University Dance Troupe – posters that would later get him recognized in the local design community. Koziel went on to finish California State University, Fresno, on the Presidents list with a 3.7 GPA.

[edit] Work

[edit] Interactive Design

“It was obvious from the moment I connected to the Internet that it was going to change the way we see the world. Anyone who thinks differently was absurd or scared.”

Ryan Koziel[94]

Koziel began his design career specializing mostly in the interactive medium. At the time, very few people had home computers and even less knew how to design for the internet. “It was obvious from the moment I connected to the internet that it was going to change the way we see the world. Anyone who thinks differently is either being absurd or is scared…” [5] Having grown up with a computer and being among the first in his home town to have access to the internet, Koziel soon found himself programming in HTML, modifying early JavaScript and creating websites. His first website—a photo thumbnail site of cars found around the internet—was created back in 1995. It was not until 1999 that he began doing Flash-based sites. At a time when most people were just beginning to understand HTML, Koziel was already building and animating websites. His first animated site was for the band Palisade and became an instant success, attracting lots of attention with its use of a postcard image of an empty field from behind a picket fence at night. Animated shooting stars and satellites passing in the night sky could be seen, in addition to a home in the distance with lights that came on after extended intervals and smoke plumed from the chimney.

Palisade Shooting stars Website.

Koziel found himself garnering more and more attention as people learned the value of having quality websites. After years of working in Flash, he transitioned back to HTML to pursue something he’d always wanted the internet to provide – a true Content Management System (CMS). Often, what had stopped people from building websites was their inability to regularly update the site without the help of the programmer. In 2004, with the help of Expression Engine, Koziel built a website that the client, First American Corporation, could update themselves. Since then he’s gone on to create dozens of sites utilizing WordPress for companies small and large.

Recently, Koziel has been hard at work creating a better ecommerce solution. Applying his logic to ecommerce, he began exploring the idea of making the online shopping experience feel as good as the shopping experience of going into a brick-and-mortar store by utilizing everything from brand specific videos to close-detail shots. One example of this is the SwimSpot site. SwimSpot approached Koziel to do a “Bikini Builder” – a simple idea that would make it possible for women to pick and choose bikini tops and bottoms and see how they paired together. In order to do this, Koziel utilized his years of Adobe Photoshop experience and placed different tops and bottoms shot on forms onto models, photo-realistically. To date, nobody has been able to replicate the realizations of that concept.

[edit] Trademark and Logo Design

Early concept for Koziel Logo

Koziel’s experience with logos and trademarks happened almost by accident. While designing websites, it was clear that many of the clients had outdated or bad logos, especially for the early web. Koziel saw this as an opportunity. As a lover of typography, he quickly realized he had a knack for logo design, and it wasn’t long before he found himself doing more and more of them. Ironically, while in school, Koziel’s instructors often insisted he focus on logo and trademark design[15]. When Koziel was hired at Houchin and Mize Advertising, one of his primary jobs was logo and trademark design. At the time a very prosperous market, it seemed that Koziel was designing logos for all sorts of clients, including agriculture, public-transit, stores and real estate companies – along with the logos was the usage.

Koziel’s love for type and color theory seemed to shine through in logo design. His ability to simplify a brand’s promise into a simple mark made for some exciting logos. To date, Koziel has dozens of logos to his name.

[edit] Print Design

The first printed piece Koziel did was a CD booklet for the band Nobody Understands. It consisted of a simple drawing on white paper and was printed at the local Kinkos on cardstock. Later he completed several more CD booklets[9] and covers[10]. A plethora of posters and banners would soon follow. Due to the small budgets of clients and the lack of inexpensive photography, Koziel was forced to hone his skills via illustration, photoshopping scans, or by using typography. Much of Koziel’s early work focused heavily on type – to save his work from monotony, he adopted a style reminiscent of David Carson.[11]

As times changed and Koziel began to work on large corporate clients, his tastes changed at the same time. Koziel, who had always loved the International Typographic Style, began obsess over the grid system – something that was easy to adopt, thanks to his history with old HTML techniques, which required developers to put everything into tables. Koziel’s love of type also made it easier. From there, Koziel went on to develop several award winning annual reports, posters, brochures and collateral pieces.

It was not until 2008 that Koziel finally got the opportunity to design and have produced packaging. The opportunity proved an overwhelming success. Not long after his work, the client saw immediate success and market delineation that far surpassed their expectations.

[edit] Marketing and Brand Strategy

Koziel attributes his ability to strategize to playing sports when he was a kid, and also to imagining himself in charge of the large navy fighter plane fleets that were stationed in his home town of Ridgecrest. In an interview, Koziel was once quoted as saying “the importance of strategy has always been evident”[20] to him, and it showed in his work. Branding was something he often obsessed with because design was just pretty things without the stragey behind it. He believes that the key to good work is always a great strategy. Branding strategy, he realized, was more than a logo but what that logo stood for, and how the audience might perceive the logo and brand behind it.

Marketing, while sometimes considered a dirty word in the design community, was another strategy that interested Koziel. He found that helping clients develop their marketing strategies was almost as gratifying as designing. Helping create creative intended to reach audiences seems only natural to him.

[edit] Creative and Art Direction

As Koziel excelled in design, he found himself responsible for more and more projects. This responsibility was something that Koziel had always been good with. He quickly found he was not simply designing but directing the way designs should be viewed, as well as pitching the designs to clients. Koziel’s insane attention to detail was evident at photo shoots, where he scrutinizes every detail, always striving for perfection. Along with directing photo shoots, he also casts talent on a regular basis. “I kind of always knew that art direction would be something I was good at,” Koziel said in an interview. “I’ve always noticed the misplaced items in scenes of movies, a pimple on an actor’s face, a slight change in clothing – very little slips by me.” [21] He actually cast Kiernan Shipka in a campaign just before she went on to be Sally Draper on A&E’s Mad Men.

Eventually he was put in charge of large projects, and it was here that his full capacity to see the big picture and the small details really shined. Helping the junior staff both stay on track and excel as well as communicating with the senior staff to achieve all the goals came easy.

[edit] Teaching and Mentoring

Koziel always says that, “the best way to lead is to lead by example”,[20] and that is what he has tried to do. He began teaching early on in an informal way, showing friends and later colleagues how to do things on computers, including how to use certain software or how to implement a particular technique. In college, he often held informal training camps to teach students who were behind tricks to catch up and be more successful. He also mentored many students while attending college. At every job Koziel held it was always clear that he was the guy who either had the answers or would get them, and the one who would also teach what he learned back to the staff. While at Fidelity National Financial, he had an opportunity to have a junior staff member to mentor and teach – an experience that led to him also teaching online courses for Lake Tahoe Community College. Now he has several junior staff members working under his guidance – something Koziel often refers to as “very rewarding.”[20]

[edit] Personal Life

Koziel is not all design. Often he can be found enjoying the finer things in life. He is an avid traveler who loves to just escape the world in America and see how other cultures get by. Along with a love for culture comes his love for food. Koziel fancies himself a true foodie, spending most of his salary dining out at all sorts of restaurants – from Jose Andres’ The Bazaar to simple taco trucks.

All that eating requires a lot of exercise, something that Koziel has always enjoyed – from running to cycling to swimming, the latter of which is his daily sport. He is currently training to swim in the 2014 Olympic games (just kidding) and swims at least 6-8 miles each week.

Another passion of Koziel’s is whiskey. He’s a co-founder of Words & Whiskey, a gentleman’s literary association, and has tried many of today’s whiskeys in addition to often talking about opening a true whiskey bar.

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