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Abriza is a product to help homeowners maintain their homes. The product tracks needed maintenance and connects users to contractors to help them keep their home up-to-date.

  • Role:  Art Direction, Design, Product Design 
  • Agency: Zinc
  • Link: abriza.com
Need an Explanation? Are you Done?

The hardest part about designing a dashboard for a complicated product like Abriza is having key features on the page without overwhelming the users.

Sketching the process
The dashboard was divided in five separate features.

User Interface Library
Creating a consistent interface is key to helping the user easily navigate the complexity of the product.

User Flow
The user work flow was very complicated and was something I had to sketch out on paper a few times to get it right.

Service Request Popover
It was important for the client to keep the user dashboard available until they were ready to commit. I created a way for users to learn about, select and add features quickly and easily.

Submitting service
After a user selects the service or package(s) they need, they enter the most convenient dates for their schedule and submit them.

Checkout Feature
As the user selects services, a persistent cart similar to those found in popular ecommerce solutions totals and holds their selections until they’re ready to commit.

The last—and one of the most important—of the features is the review function, which allows users to rate and review work after it was performed.