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There are lot of bar books and lots of bar apps, but none help you find the perfect cocktail at the perfect time. B.Whimsy was created to bring normal people the ability to feel like a real bartender

  • Role:  Concept Development, Design, iOS, Mobile, Product Design, Strategy 
  • Agency: Personal Project
  • Link: Coming Soon
Need an Explanation? Are you Done?

Getting a Whimsy:
The term “Bartender’s Whimsy” refers to special, off-menu cocktails made by the bartender in the moment. The key feature of B.Whimsy is being able to replicate that moment by allowing users to request, discover or learn how to make a great cocktail that’s perfect for any occasion, just like a professional. Users can choose the time, event and spirit preference and the app will do the rest.

Icon style for events:
One of the fun tasks was designing unique icons for each event in the app.

Find Your Drink:
Once the user selects the criteria, the app offers up four cocktails.

Drink appearance icons:
Since knowing how a drink should look effects people’s choices, I designed the various glassware and ice types to help the user better visualize what they would be serving or drinking.

Filling the Bar:
Users can also make a shopping list for ingredients that are missing.

Not only do users get receipts but they also can share them, and learn more about them. The user can also making a shopping list for ingredients that are missing.

Setting Up at Home:
One of the key features of the app is the ability to only serve you drinks from ingredients in your home menu. In order to entice users to use this function of the app, the experience needed to be fun and intuitive.