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Starting from nothing. Oculu is a new web product created from the ground up, innovate media a production company spent the last 5 years building a video delivery system for there clients. Making the leap to become bigger would require a cool and memorable brand.
The name oculu derived from oculus which means eye in latin. It's also the circular hole in the top of the Pantheon is Greece, that allows light to shine through. The idea of light moving was the impetus of the brand language, the logo should always have some light source contained within it. Much like the idea that video is simple light thats trapped within a frame. Additionally the light source would always be different and change to help create emphasis the magnitude of the web. The Logotype was is based on a circle all the characters use the same arc, and have a uniform stroke.

  • Role:  Art Direction, Branding, Creative Direction, CSS, Design, Strategy, Wordpress Development 
  • Agency: Zinc
  • Link: oculu.com
Need an Explanation? Are you Done?

Trademark & Brand Language
Custom Logotype and dynamic internal color examples

User Interface
Along with the creation of the Brand, I was tasked with re-thinking their User interface. The idea was simple, make it simple, many Web application always seemed to make their User interfaces overly complicated or make the appear to be afterthoughts to the development staff.
The Design was kept simple and the color palette grays. A focus was on friendliness, gone are the “click here” verbiage instead the language was more conversational. The buttons are big and easy to find, everything is were it should be. Charts and tracking was simplified to show the information in the most simplified way.

Consumer Website
The Entire website was designed to be integrated into WordPress, so that the clients could update the site on their own.