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ONE Industries v2

3 years ago I designed a website for ONE Industries that helped propel them to the front of the pack in Motocross and action sports, today many of the features, ideas, and design elements are copied by there competitors. The new site which launch in late spring should do the same with innovative navigational ideas, color palette changes, trick programing and faster speeds.

  • Role:  Concept Development, Creative Direction, Design, Strategy, Wordpress Development 
  • Agency: Zinc
  • Link: oneindustries.com
Need an Explanation? Are you Done?

The Homepage starts with some vintage web technique turning the homepage into a virtual splash page, that once the user scrolls drops them into a normal website experience.

ONE Industries v2 Homepage

Motocross Landing Page
ONE Industries is now splitting their efforts into motocross and Mountain bikes, requiring the use traffic pages for their users

Products All – Full Setup
In the First version of the site, we introduced an option to shop by fully merchandised gear, this is the new version of that concept. We provided more details and better filtering.

Products Details
Applying the new design language proved tricky at times like the product detail but the result of the struck structure lead to great product

Riders Page
A important feature to most action sports brands is to provide an area for their sponsored riders.

The zONE is the blog and news outlet for the ONE Industries website, it’s the main location for race results, product updates, videos, and more.

UI Design and buttons
To completely finish the design each button and element was scrutinized and lovely designed.

ONE Industries Buttons