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Mixing and matching tops and bottoms seemed like a novel idea but it would be impossible to shoot the model with all the combos, beside the models were already shot and home.
My idea, was to take various models and through the use of Photoshop make them blanks (or naked), so I could take tops and bottoms photographed on forms and have them moved onto the models. After hours of work I was left with 6 models sans clothes. I then took 8 tops and bottoms per model (5) and placed them on the model, after that the tops and bottoms we turned manipulated to fit then shadows were added to give the final touch.
From there each top and bottom in layers were turn on and off producing all the variations. With a little code courtesy of our development staff we had a interactive ability to change the tops and bottoms mixing and matching in a realistic way.

  • Role:  Concept Development, Design, Strategy 
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  • Link: Swimspot.com
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