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Zoosk Android App

Prior to my promotion to lead product designer, the Zoosk android app was a copy of the iOS app. One of my first task was to establish design patterns that looked and behaved more in line with android without compromising the brand look and feel.

  • Role:  Android Design, Branding, Design, Mobile 
  • Agency: In-House
  • Link: google play
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Zoosk Profile
The Heart of the zoosk is the profile, millions of user view this daily, the importance and clear direction is imperative.

The Navigation prior to the redesign was a second thought, redesigning it was a massive improvement to the fit and finish of the app.

Giving users a opportunity to buy real estate throughout the app, this is the virtual dashboard showing the increased popularity as well as giving them an opportunity to purchase more.

Design Patterns
To make the app possible design patterns were created to help the dev, and engineering staff quickly implement changes.